Hi i am new to this forum, I am wondering whether anyone can help me by advice? I suffer from Fibromyalgia and UBPD, Anxiety, OCD, Claustraphobia and Agrophobia and i have flashbacks of my childhood abuse which i am convinced i have PTSD but no one seems to listen, I have suffered with them for many years now. I have applied for pip and got the lower rate and have been to 3 assessments over the years the last one i was in a wheelchair due to my fibromyalgia and had a severe panic attack on the way to the appointment and in there, My husband did most of the talking as i cant do face to face, When we asked for a copy of the assessment the woman lied through the hole thing about everything, once again i felt suicidel for the third time they have made me feel like that and i didnt have it in me to fight. So i have been living on the lower rate of both components for 7 years. I feel like i need to try again but i am so scared of how its going to effect me. I have been on other forums where people have got Fibromyalgia and UBPD and received the higher rate. Is there anyone that could tell me whether i would be entited to the higher rate as i really dont want to try again if i am not because of my mental health,I am scared. Thanks in advance.

look here https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Your-Situation/Ill-Injured-or-Disabled/Personal-Independence-Payment-(PIP)-Test/What-is-the-PIP-test and workout your score this will tell you if you qualify for higher rate. The evidence you provide is also key, so make sure you gather that first.


Thank you, I will look into it x

According to my self assessment I would qualify at the higher rate for both components.

I have sice applied twice and got zero points both times and was refused an appeal both times too.

I suggest you look into getting help with the form filling. Sometimes an extra pair of eyes can help, especially if they have experience with the forms.

Make a “Subject Access Request” to DWP.
Ask for copies of everything they hold on file about you.
If MUST be provided within a set timescale, a month, I think. (See the Information Commissioners website).

When I did this after applying for PIP after a car accident, the idiot assessor had written ridiculous things.
According to him as I could park in the disabled car park at Waitrose which was SEVEN HUNDRED YARDS FROM THE SHOP I didn’t qualify. In fact the car park is 6 feet from the shop and I told him that even with a trolley which I used as a walking aid, I couldn’t even walk round the shop!!!

Get as much evidence as you can DR’s hospital seeing consultants etc