Support For Parenting/Carer/Skills


Does anyone receive money in their personal budget to help them be a better parents to young/adult children, help in their caring role and improve skills? It mentions it in the support needs assessment form? I’m confused what type of things would this entail?



Not yet but we are researching it. NHS has a very useful social care and needs assessment guide worth reading Social care and support guide - NHS. I plan to use the money to purchase adaptive equipment. But this is dependent on your personal needs etc. What do you think your son or daughter needs?

This article explains direct payments in more detail Personal budgets for social care - NHS. It also provides more information on how they work and what you can use them for as well.

Another option is to self fund your care. You might like to see this article with more information on how that works Paying for your own social care (self-funding) - NHS

I also found this article on personal budgets helpful to look at When the council might pay for your social care - NHS

Ok one of her sons is very agressive with her and doesn’t do what he is told and this causes distress and panic for the mother on a daily basis.

Another son lives far away and can’t get to see her grandkids often as grandmother would like to.

Maybe a therapist might be able to help? Is he autistic or not? What is his disability?


I was regarded as a “bad mother” for years.

My younger son, M, was incredibly hyperactive, couldn’t talk, couldn’t concentrate on anything, so blaming the mother was the easiest cop out, and it was suggested that I needed parenting courses.
Somehow they didn’t see that M’s older brother was exceeding all his developmental milestones, was calm, polite, etc. etc.
Somehow they didn’t hear me when I said that I used to run a Brownie pack of 24 girls, SINGLE HANDED.
It took eight years before someone outside the NHS told me that M had been brain damaged at birth.

Officials can be very blinkered, if this child is playing up, there may be an undiagnosed health issue!

I agree. When my son was a baby, I took him to see a pediatric urologist. This was 2 1/2 years ago when he was 4 months old. The so called “professional” urologist had a horrible mindset and his attitude was horrible as well. I switched after that. He did not answer any of my questions or order relevant tests. Nor did he make the effort to greet us or smile at my son who was in his pram.
When I asked about urodynamics, his response was “Not interested”! I was shocked and left his office within thirty minutes. I then sent a polite but strongly worded email to the head of the urology team that night describing what had occurred during the appointment when both kids were sleeping. Some doctors are just silly. We never went to that specialist again.