Pensions and residential care

I’m having a nightmare trying to find out what my Mum is entitled to if my Dad is in care permanently. No-one seems to be able to give me answers.
Both parents are old enough that they qualify for the old style pensions before the rules were changed so that they had to each claim separate state pensions. Mum believes that Dad gets a Married Person’s Pension but I can’t find any information about this. Is she completely mistaken and this no longer exists, even for people who would have received it before the rule changes? If she is right, does she still get a portion of that if he is in residential care? She hasn’t paid enough stamps to qualify for a state pension in her own right.

Also, we’re looking into getting NHS Continuing Health Care. If he qualified, would that mean my Mum could keep my Dad’s occupational and state pensions?

It’s only a guess but I would have thought …

Dad’s pension would be calculated towards his care.

If Mum’s was to cease to qualify for Dad’s NI contribution’s as part of her pension. That is Mum’s pension was reduce pension credit might be an option.

I sure if you contacted Citizen’s Advice you would get an answer.,couple%20if%20you%20live%20together.

I would have thought Mum could contact the DWP and ask what Dad’s NI contribute to her pension. When Mum gets her yearly April letter for her pension is it not detailed.

If you have your parents NHS numbers, and date of birth, you could go into the gov pensions website and get an idea of what they are receiving. Then you can take it from there. If your Mother has any pension in her own right, care expenses will not be taken from that. As sunny disposition states, below a certain amount your mother can claim pension credit.
Do they have a joint account?