Guarantee Pension Credit

I’ve been so caught up struggling dealing with my Mum’s CHC situation, I’ve neglected checking if my Mum may be eligible for Guarantee Pension Credit. What is have researched online seems to suggest if you have savings may not be eligible, but it also states if there are care needs they will.

I’ve heard our local AgeUk office deals with Benefits, I’ll see what they say and if they can help.

Anybody any tips? I know it’s a long shot; but if my Mum may be entitled, would I be able to put in a retrospective claim under the circumstances, seeing my Mum can’t deal with this herself? In looking back social services could have supported me, but then pigs have a better change of being spotted flying.

Pension Credit criteria ?

Full sp from the Government :

Pension Credit: Overview - GOV.UK

Also includes an online Pension Credit calculator.

Guarantee element :


Guarantee Credit tops up your weekly income if it’s below £167.25 (for single people) or £255.25 (for couples).

Several sections … ELIGIBILITY looks promising as the first place to start ?

I do know my Mum get Pension Credit, but not sure if the Guarantee element is included. I’ll trying phoning DWP at my Mum’s, then they can get her permission for me to speak to them.

That online calculator should reveal IF it is payable.