Pension Credit or Income Support?

My Husband who has just reached 65, received a letter this morning stating: We are writing to you because our records show that you’re approaching the age where you are no longer entitled to Income Support and therefore should apply for Pension Credit!?

It goes on to say that Income Support cannot be paid to a person who has reached the minimum age where they can apply for Pension Credit this means that your Income Support will stop at this age?

What age is this?

Further down the letter it says that as I am younger than my partner, that I may be entitled to claim Income support for both of us but Income Support cannot be paid to me if my partner at the same time
as Pension credit is paid to my Husband!?

It goes on to say that we must decide whether we want to claim Income Support or Pension Credit?

With all the recent changes to state pension age we are totally confused and are not sure what is the best thing to do? If anyone has any experience of this, would you please advise!


Hi H.

Best to bounce the question off the Carers UK Advice team … contact details follow … best by email :

Recent changes in Pension Credit announced by the Government , allied with Universal Credit , make
this area a minefield wherein several mines remain unmapped.

**_Government " Sneaks out " £7,000 pension cut for poorest elderly couples ahead of Brexit vote.

Ministers accused of attempting to bury the harsh impact of the change to pension credit._**

Pension Credit ?

Pension Credit: Overview - GOV.UK

Kicks in , if applicable , when the state pension becomes payable … in essence , on a low income , an extra payment for pensioners.

I think it’s all linked to his State Pension Age. (what used to be 65th birthday for men, but is now rising for all).
Someone who was 65 this week will have a State Pension Age of 65 and 3 months and a few days, I.e. early May 2019
You can check what date his SPA is here

A lot of benefits cease to be playable when State Pension is paid instead.
That’s the background, but sorry, I don’t know enough to know which is exact options (if any) in your personal position, so yes another one for helpline

And do please let us know result, so we may all learn