Pension and cares

Hi when i go on my state pension who will pay my carer ??

Hi Tina.

Little confused by your question ?

Is it … " Will I lose my Carers Allowance when I draw down my state pension ? "

If so , yes … due to the abhorrent overlapping benefit rule.

In Carerland , the state pension is classified as a " Benefit " by the DWP.

Tina, you need to explain a bit more for us to help.
Are you disabled receiving Attendance Allowance, PIP, or DLA?
Is someone else claiming Carers Allowance?
It the answer is YES to both questions, then your carer will be able to continue claiming Carers Allowance.

However, have you had a recent Needs Assessment, and your carer, a Carers Assessment, from Social Services?

providing that they are not claiming their State Pension

State Pension and Carers Allowance are classified as “overlapping” benefits and you cannot claim both.