Carers attendance allowance and sdp

Hi this might be a bit vague but I think my mother in law’s money is being abused by her daughter she says on her dwp letters she gets severe disabilities premium but not attendance allowance and her daughter’s her carer so she’s in receipt of carers allowance I always understood you only got the sdp if you lived alone and had no carer but there no mention of any attendance allowance anywhere she’s 85 I thought you needed to get attendance allowance to get sdp is there something wring or am I wrong thanks for any help

A lot of people don’t actually know about benefits and get them confused. It could just be that. However, as you have concerns it’s best to report them to the local Adult Safeguarding Team who will investigate and make sure everything’s ok. Much better to be safe than sorry.

Hello Pauline - in addition to the responses from other members I asked our helpline about the situation you described in your post and have just sent you an email with some further information and suggested support.

Wishing you well