Paying a family carer - from the office of public guardian!

There are different views on what people can and cannot be paid for when caring for relatvies.

Here is a link to an article I found out about from Facebook.
I hope it will help family carers looking after relatives with over £23,000 in savings if single, or double that if a couple.

Be aware however, for a wise owl has commented;

“What it does not go on and say is … if the paid family carer is claiming any benefits , payments under this scheme will have a direct effect on them … earned income / means tested ones ! )

For example , if more than £128 per week , loss of Carers Allowance … as the payment would be for working ( Note the use of the words DIRECTLY EMPLOYED … by who exactly … and with the full rights and benefits the same as anyone else in paid employment ? )”


I agree it was not a comprehensive article covering every issue.

However, from the point of view of someone with POA or Guardianship I felt it was very helpful, especially the excellent list of things to consider, and the fact that pay should be about 20% less as it was not subject to income tax.

Strictly speaking, whether or not someone is on benefits is not an issue for the attorney or guardian.

The benefits that someone claims is not the responsibility of the “employer” but for the “employee”, and this is a similar situation.

All true, but still worth pointing out the implications.