Partner won’t self guard

My partner has a Glioblastoma brain tumour with 1 year life expectancy or less. Under went 3 weeks radiotherapy. Last treatment two weeks back.
I am in lockdown with him and full time carer. He refuses to keep the 2 meter rule when it come to one of his sons
This son is a father at 19. Living with the girlfriend and baby. But for 6 months letting everyone know he wants to leave the relationship. His girlfriend works in a care home and they still live in the same house. Care home has cases of coronavirus .
My partner meets with this son and sits in the car. Hugs same son.
And after all my efforts to keep us both safe. Chooses to say. ‘ I’m dying’ so covid does not scare him!
Then this week asks if the boy can come live here for a week.
Glioblastoma is. Horrible death . The cognitive disfunction and memory loss. Incontinence. In ability to swallow. Emotional disturbances. Something that would not be a good memory for a child .
I have advised family to call. FaceTime. Even sit other side of garden .
We aren’t even supposed to go out.
All the family have understood the importance of keeping us safe.
I have not seen my son since February .
I’m struggling as to why both my partner and his son don’t care about my health.
The reason I won’t let the boy live here is his disregard . He sees no problems with his behaviour and does not understand his responsibility . He has been told by me and his siblings not to take dad in car and hug him. But also not to talk to his dad about his break up. We found him two rooms to move to in March. But he didn’t want them

Welcome Julie

It’s quite unbelievable isn’t it. I think you have to decide for yourself. Even if it means moving out. Until your partner grasps the situation he is putting you in.

Very sad your partner has limited time. If you feel it’s to drastic to move out. All you can do is protect yourself in the home.
Move yourself to a room on your own. Wear PPE in the home.

You can not be responsible for your partner and his son.

It’s a decision you can only make.