Paid job giving carers advice
Saw this today and thought most readers and posters on here would qualify. Anyone interested on a job based in East Surrey?


You will act as an advocate where appropriate, attending multi–disciplinary meetings, hospital discharge meetings and writing letters and making phone calls on carers’ behalf and encouraging self-advocacy.

Actual work in the trenches … in time , attachment to the local foodbanks on the menu … so to speak ?

That would be a real eye opener in one of the most desirable places to live in the UK … poverty ?

Couldn’t see anything in relation to the current DWP purge … so no attending court cases … one bullet dodged ?

That’s interesting in itself … I doubt if anyone inside CUK is " Authorised " to carry out that part of the job description ?

According to CUK , their Advice Team are volunteers , not legally trained … so no monies in wages there then ???

Perhaps us on the forum should ask CUK to match our contribution to the carer community in financial terms ?

£ 24,478 p.a. … to half the carer army , that would equate to a decent lottery win !

Just under 8 years worth of Carers Pittance in one hit.

Hi Chris, I just thought I’ll clarify the difference between our Listening Support volunteers and our team of Helpline advisers. Our Listening Support volunteers are trained to provide confidential emotional support to carers who call our Helpline. They do not provide advice to carers and advice is only provided by our paid staff advisers.

Thanks Lizzie.

It was a reply posted on the DWP purge thread , posted by a forum member , that got my radar flagged.

Page 2 … from the Advice Team.

Which , surprise , surprise , interlocks with another thread :

In essence , the relationship between CUK and us , on the forum , and just what advice can be given by non qualified legal persons … especially the danger to both of us if said advice is wrong in the circumstances … and the " Victim " seeks redress.

In that situation , CUK itself would find itself a little short in the flak jacket department ?

Unless , of course , CUK have now taken steps to close that loophole since I first raised the issue … nothing posted as such under that thread.

Listening support advisors / members on the forum giving emotional support … difference ???

I will assume fellow carers or former ones … just like us

As for us , not even a " Thank you " for all the advice and support given to fellow forum posters over the so called festive season from CUK … were it’s own Advice Team manning the barricades over the same period ??? … we were !!!

And still no sign of a welcome for the new CEO?!

Yep … on my radar , BB … just a couple more weeks before a nudge on that separate thread.

Plenty of stuff left over from David Grayson’s last session … the stuff marked " Toxic " … perhaps
our new ceo will find an appropriate safety suit and take a few of those on ?

Fairer for carers ?

Before her time … thankfully for her ?

Talking of which , guest speakers … with CUK for six months now … still no answer.