Opting out of Covid Vaccine

I was asked today by my Mum’s Carers if my Mum had been ‘offered the Vaccine yet’. Surely with this Care Agency commissioned under Social Care by the Local Authority, whether my Mum has the Vaccine or not is non of their business? As the Care Manager has made crystal clear to me that they don’t deal with health care - only social care.

Neither my Mum nor I do not want the Vaccine - after all it is based on being ‘offered’, so supposedly is deemed optional.

Personally, I think it’s not appropriate to ask individuals. If they are having the vaccine or not. As you say it’s a personal choice.

We don’t go around asking individuals did you as a child have x vaccinations. It’s private only your Dr/dentist and medical staff may need this information I only remember giving medications at the dentist. Even at the dentist I don’t know if this information is required. I don’t remember being asked at the dentist about previous vaccinations. Only medications.


You could ask the CQC what there organisation stance is on this subject.

When my wife and I have had the vaccine I shall certainly offer that information to my wife’s carers, (the boss’s daughter is one of our regular carers, so the info will get back to the office where it may need to go).

It could well be that they will have different procedures/work practices/rotas for those that have/haven’t had it.

I asked our carer this morning and they do need to know which of their clients have been vaccinated.

Whether or not they have a right to that information I can’t say, but I don’t see any harm in telling them either way.