Opening a Bank account

Help needed please.

I am the Appointee for my daughter. I can’t find any advice on opening a Bank Account for her to have her benefits and savings transfered to. If anyone can help me please

Appointee is a term used by the DWP in relation to payment of benefits. I’m not sure it has any relevance in relation to banks

I have been appointee for mum in law, mum, and son!
It’s all very straightforward.

You need to open an account in YOUR name (the full title of mine is Mrs. ZZZ (my name) in re my sons name.
Then give DWP the account number, and ask them to pay all your daughter’s benefit money into that account.

You are legally responsible for managing the benefits, and the money remains that of your daughter, not part of your estate on death, or regarded as yours if you are on benefits yourself.
My top tip is to use the debit card for everything, then you can show where the money went.
Does your daughter live with you?
Is she able to count at all?
If so, she can have an account in her name for “pocket money”.
Feel free to ask me anything on this subject, or send me a PM if you prefer.

I have a degree in Business Studies, ran a small business for many years, and long ago managed accounts for a hospital. Social Services are a bit frightened by my knowledge!!