Ideas to occupy in shielding and online activities

Hi there, I wonder if anyone has ideas for amusing a young adult with profound PNI and the understanding of perhaps a 10/11 year old. She loves facebook but I think she needs far more stimulus. She gets great ideas on pinterest and my time is full of crafting with her. We have her wheelchair dance class on line and we have lots of face time ect with family and friends. I would just like to add more variety and fun so children’s online type activities probably best. She was doing english and maths at college pre July so something like that would also please her. I added Disney at Christmas as she love it but really have no clue on what else is available. We were put back in full shielding on Christmas eve so even the weekly park photo shoot is out. I can recommend the virtual village hall from the royal v service and the Silver swans royal ballet on line lessons, which I try to remember to do for me . May we ask what you are all doing to enrich your lives. Stay safe now.

HI Colleen Ann,

what about The Buzz | Small Good Stuff this is aimed at people with a learning disability.


Hi Melly1, many thanks for the reply. It looks a great site and it seems we are now entering an art competition. Yeah. :smiley:

Oh that’s great.

Good luck!