Oakhouse Foods/Wiltshire Farm Foods

Anybody tried Oakhouse Foods? I’ve been ordering from Wiltshire Farm Foods for some time now, and fancy a change. Just worried, as the reviews aren’t that great. The positive is that they have a base in my town, which I’m hoping I could collect from as I do with Wiltshire Farm Foods, as they are some distance to travel to.

I’ve tried both. Not over keen on either. Maybe Wiltshire has the edge.

Last night I saw a tv commercial for parsleybox.com, a meal delivery company. I have no experience with any of the.

Everyones taste buds react differently to the same thing. You might actually like Oakhouse foods, give it a shot and all the best.

We haven’t tried oak house, but Wiltshire farm deliver to my mother and also put the meals in the freezer for her if I am not ther she thinks the meals are excellent and loads of choice. Hope you can get the same service.