Not cared but my anxiety

Hi all, I just can’t switch off my brain.

on Thursday was sent to hospital with a headache and tingling in my left leg, was seen and they thought it was a hemaplegic migraine, had bloods taken and they were fine, they wanted me to stay in for a lumbar puncture but I went home and went back the next day.

friday they tried the Lumbar puncture but it failed they couldn’t get any fluid, a senior doctor tried and he also couldn’t get any fluid, they wanted to test for blood in the fluid to rule out a bleed on the brain, the first lumbar puncture they hit a nerve and made me sick and pass out and the s eons was awful, they decided to give me a ct angiogram, the consultant seen me and said it was fine along with the normal ct scan the day before and the bloods, I was sent home

today I got up this morning and noticed I had a rather large pupil, I went back to have it checked but said it was fine

now my question is would you accept there’s noting serious like the bleed on the brain even though they haven’t done the lumbar puncture?

Hi Lara.
Welcome to the Forum.

I’m really sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly and undergoing tests. Your GP may have some guidance about how Lumbar puncture can be used and options you may have for follow up.
Sorry I haven’t any experience with the symptoms you mention and Lumbar puncture to help but there may be other Forum members here who can help.

Hi Lara,
I’m sorry I can’t answer your questions.

How is the original headache and tingling in your left leg, now?

If you become more worried, then ring 111 for advice.

Are you on your own? If so, do you have a friend or family member who could come round and be with you. When we have a health scare, it’s easy to start noticing and worrying about sensations/ the way our body looks etc that we normally wouldn’t notice.