Non Family Member

I am sad to say that my father constantly praises his paid helper, who has over the years become a ‘family friend’ to him, and constantly overlooks the input I have into his life. (Eg ‘She saved my life. I owe her a lot’ without recognising that since I arrived four months ago I have moved heaven and earth to get his basic needs attended to (and more.) And I am also UNPAID… (Just board and lodgings…)
Recently I have found myself arguing with him as I am fed up of his constant praise of others and very minimal thanks to me.
I would say as an aside, my father is a bachelor through and through and has had women look after him all his life since my mother left him, (all unpaid roles too.)
What to do?!

You are praise worthy! Unfortunately this is very common. That family carers can get overlook. It’s almost well you are a relative so there for I expect. Sometimes easy to say I know. Is just ignore ignore. You are doing a good job. I start from a place I don’t expect anything and then not disappointed.

(Just board and lodgings…)

That will seem as I’ve given you enough what more do you expect. I sure you could come up with a list. Giving your full time and attention. Own life put on hold etc.

Give yourself a pat of the back. It’s extra disappointing such situation. Because of the current climate we all find our selves in. And added to the time of year. Try and find more me time away from home.

Thank you SD. For the first time in 5 months I am about to (I hope!) take 2 nights away guilty free!

It’s time to take a long hard look at your situation, because dad isn’t respecting you.
How old is he?
What is wrong with him?
Savings over £23,000 (yes/no)
Does he own or rent his house?
Mentally OK?
Do you have Power of Attorney?
Are you an only child?
Have you any idea if he has made a will? What’s in it?