Non-epileptic seizures

I get Non-epileptic seizures whenever stress gets too much. I’m in the middle of a bad bout of them due to PIP and being very broke on top of going about my usual duties as a carer. Does anyone have any advice as to what helps?

Non Epileptic seizures are often caused by trauma from the past, and need to be resolved by Pyschotherapy.
You would need to see the G.P. and get referred to Mental Health Services, often a long waiting list.

I don’t know if you have seen this site:-

I get these too. Recently they’ve been very frequent. My psychiatrist told me they’re caused by stress and sleep deprivation. Muscle relaxants help. Diazepam, Kalms (a bit but not much), and sleep. I know when they’re coming on because I get really irritated and everything irritates me to the extreme. Often noise sensitivity, light sensitivity and I get migraine type auras in my eyes, sometimes smelling scents that aren’t there. But it does this for a few days before they happen. They’re usually worst in my sleep. I get very bad dreams and memorably weird disruptions to my dreams. They get distorted at certain points and it feels like you’re on LSD but in a really unpleasant way.

My GP sent me to a neurologist who didn’t find epileptic activity but diagnosed it as non epileptic seizures. My psychiatrist told me it’s common in people who experience high stress and sleep deprivation. PTSD doesn’t help either.

One thing that can help is Propranolol. I also get migraines so I take them for that and anxiety. But one side effect is pressure in my eye which hurts a bit. Hope that helps. Even if it’s to know you’re not alone.

Hello and welcome!

What about cognitive talking therapy? Would that help or not?

Have you read anything about functional neurological disorders?
Functional Neurological Disorder - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) and might be helpful for you and your doctor.