Pnes fits Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures advice

Hi All has anyone ever come across Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures (pnes) Before?
I am sort of in the dark on this and there information that there is about is very conflicting. This is what/ why mum was having theses fits and I know it down to a mental health doctor to give her something which I do know can be given despite what the nurse said, that there is no treatment for it as when reading up what I could make sense of and it listed a list of meds that can be used. So I am sort of stuck at the moment until someone see mum, what I have been told is that if she has one to talk her through them and time them. One of the biggest and hardest problems with this PNES thing is the mood swings which I am get the full brunt of the verbal abuse from her over it and when I do speak out about it or maybe nothing at all to do with it, the verbal abuse comes, trying to explain to someone that you have not said or done anything to trigger it off is like talking to a brick wall.
how can you ask for help when you told your voice is doing some one head in when you have to put up with everything else and get the blame for it?

Hi Michael

This is such a difficult situation and much of the online information isn’t particularly helpful as it’s based in America. However, I found this patient information leaflet from Sheffield Hospital that is fairly useful as it’s in reasonably straightforward English, which helps a lot.

Whatever the cause of the seizures, people often need time to adjust as they recover. Naturally you’re worried about your Mum but possibly she’s feeling overpressured as she comes out of it and isn’t ready to settle. She may even find them embarrassing, especially as the diagnosis is that they are a sort of mental health related issue? Is it worth standing by but not talking much to begin with as she comes out of it?

If you can, try recording the verbal abuse on your phone. Other forum members have found it the best way of making the doctors sit up and take notice of what is going on at home.

Hi and thanks, they put it down to this being mental health issues due to that it nothing to do with epileptic illness but there has been a facial change but they could not find anything on the scans to say it a stroke or something else. I think they choose it is due to the fact she suffers from bipolar disorder and that lithium levels are up and down like a yoyo but also she is aware of it going on. I know she had had 2 strokes in the past and several TIA. until a mental health doctor see her we are stuck. I did think it was some sort of infection as she had several water and chest infection as I said in another topic.
I would record what going on but with what has happened at home with mum and other issues, I am afraid to film it just to stop people thinking I am wanting rid of mum. All I want is both of my parents well and a quite life to get on with.