Hi All

Hi all. Am new to this and also have never reached out before.

My fiance has MS and epilepsy… His epilepsy is sadly not controlled and he can have a drop attack any time. For the last two.years he has been in a wheelchair aa his mobility is limited. He understandably is subject to bouts of depression and as i suffer from anxiety it can be hard to deal with. We do manage to laugjh together which gets us through tough times and his dad helps a lot… Since lockdown he has struggled emotionally and i am currently off sick due to anxiety. Is anyone else struggling more due to lockdown? We are currently both seeking help.

I look forward to being part of this.community. Take care all :slight_smile:

HI Alice, welcome to the forum. I’m sorry to hear you’re finding things difficult right now, this is a very challenging time. You are in the right place though to find support and let off steam. It’s important to remember you’re not alone in this.

We’re hosting weekly ‘care for a cuppa’ webinars, online chats where we can support each other informally, Information is here, do join if you can:


Also, have a look through our Covid guidance for personal well being, important at this time:


I don’t know if you’re in touch with any local epilepsy groups for more specific support but the Epilepsy Action has local and online support:

Best wishes


Hi Alice, welcome to the forum.
Is there an MS Society branch near you? The mix of MS and epilepsy must be very difficult to manage.
Is he getting any support from Social Services? Do you have a walk in shower, and a special bed to make caring for him easier?

It sounds like your fiancée is fairly young, if his dad is able to help.

That’s great for the moment, but you must think carefully about how he is going to manage if dad can’t help.
Sadly, as dad gets older, they are both going to need help, so proper housing is going to be crucial.

Are you prepared for a married life full of caring? It may mean abandoning all your dreams.

Hi Alice,
my wife has had uncontrolled epilepsy for many years and has regular seizures. We see a few different types of seizures but she can also have the Atonic (drop attacks), we also use a wheel chair out and about as this makes life so much safer. Depression can be really hard to deal with even more so with what’s going off around the world at the moment, maybe plan together where you like to go once lockdown is lifted and try and think of some nice things that you both enjoy no matter how small. If your partner is on anti depressants I wonder if it’s reacting badly to his Anti Epileptic medication as this can happen, we’ve tried at all costs to stay off anti depressants due to this. As someone suggested a wet room might be ideal for him, we have one with wall rails and a chair to sit on, my wife needs constant supervision as seizures occur without warning. I’m not sure how severe his epilepsy is but if he needs regular care you could ask your Adult Social Care for a Care Needs assessment where they might offer you a package of support/care plan. Epilepsy medication can cause problems due to high levels that some people need and the side-effects, I would really recommend talking to his neurologist or specialist nurse especially if there’s been a change recently. I’m pleased your partners Father can help, sometimes just talking to people (like on here) in the same boat helps.
I hope things improve