Need advice

I’m struggling. My husband suffers with uncontrolled epilepsy. He cannot bathe and limited to stuff he can do as through injury caused by the epileptic seizures. And he suffers with mental health. Our relationship has changed I can deal with the seizures but the mental health side is draining me .its making me feel anxious and I’ve never felt like this before . We constantly argue and I feel I have lost my wife status to carer and want to get what we had back as we have been together for 34 years .

I don’t know what to advise, but change the ailments, reverse the sexes, add 16 years and you have myself and my wife.

It is both mentally and emotionally draining. I can’t see any way that it can go back for myself.

What help if any do you have? Have you made contact with Social Services for a Needs Assessment for your husband and a Carers Assessment for yourself?

Has anyone ever mentioned NHS Continuing Healthcare to you? Maybe have a look at the CHC Framework, and the checklist.

I agree that you need help. Does your husband see a therapist? Perhaps it is precisely psychological help and rehabilitation that is needed. Maybe, of course, you have already tried psychiatric treatment, how effective was it? Has your husband’s condition improved?