Council tax , non dependants , nightmare council

Hi all , looking for a bit of advice ,
Situation is i am a carer for a friend (i live separate)

Benefits received- pip mobility - standard / pip daily living - standard / ESA and 20 yr daughter works between 15-20 hrs min wage
My friend was violently attacked a few years ago , suffers with PTSD , severe anxiety , after speaking with her councillor and police it was advised it would be good if she was re-housed with her 20 yr daughter , the local council were excellent and 2 months ago she was re - housed ,
but then the problems started , an application was put in for housing benefits at new address straight away (which we were told no need to apply for council tax benefits as they run concurrently ) . 8 weeks on not one payment has been received for housing benefits , the council housing department been sending letters asking for £688 due rent or “could face eviction” and the council tax bill arrives for £650 ! , the big issue is all of this stress and worry my friend is drained and suicidal , i have been in touch with council so many times and just get lied to “payment has been processed” then weeks later "we can not find anything on system " its been a nightmare everyone from council seems to give a different story every time i ring up …

On top of all this, at first when her daughter wanted a job we enquired with council and benefits asking what impact it would have on payments and were told " If getting pip - daily living payment, a non dependant earning money ( her daughter) would be classed as a exemption ) but now 2 months on my friend receives a letter from council tax saying she owes them £650 and single person discount been removed , which works out at around £30 a week council tax which they can not afford , i really dont know who to turn to for advice , i am so worried that my friend will take her own life as she feels so helpless and can not cope with demands for money , any advice much appreciated especially info on council tax / pip /non-dependants / exemptions , many thanks

Formal complaint, in writing, to the CEO of the council, send by Special Delivery so you know it arrives the next day.

Use the words “inefficient” “harrassment” and “vulnerable adult” and “contradictory advice from officers”.

Ask him to explain, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, how this bill has been calculated,