Housing Benefit Slashed


I’m new to the forum!

Yesterday, I discovered that out housing benefit has been slashed by £177 simply because my eldest turned 18 (apparently the non-dependant discount has not been applied).

My husband gets enhance PIP (both elements), I get carers allowance, we get council tax reduction and we have also got disablement relief on the council tax. My husband also receives income from his private pension that he had before he was disabled.

Is there anything I’m missing? £177 is a hell of a lot to suddenly lose!


At 18, your son is now an adult.
What is his current situation?
Is he studying, or working?
Does he have any special needs?

Housing benefit deductions when living with non dependants - Shelter England.

Housing benefit deductions when living with non-dependants

What is a non dependant deduction?
A non dependant deduction is a reduction in your housing benefit for certain adults who normally live with you - usually friends or family members.

Non dependants are usually expected to contribute something towards your rent.

The council makes a non dependant deduction from your housing benefit even if your friend or family member doesn’t actually pay you anything.

Read all the above link and I suggest you make contact with Shelter. Who are the experts in this field.