No will no executor Next of Kin?

Trying to deal with my friends affairs after his death, he didn’t leave a will just didn’t believe in all that, he didn’t have loads of money in the bank.
I dealt with his bills for years, did his shopping, wrote letters, did telephone calls, attended meetings with him, provided a helping hand, advocacy, emotional support.

I am now getting letters as I was his legal registered next of kin, NO family, estranged I don’t know.

But I am his next of kin but I am not his next of kin, I am getting letters regarding details of his will, his solicitor and details of the executor of his estate.

A solicitor , didn’t have a solicitor, couldn’t afford a solicitor £100 an hour or whatever they charge.

What estate, he didn’t have a car, didn’t own a house, rented gone back to the landlord, didn’t really have anything, no jewelry, just basic stuff tv table chairs, clothes.

I can’t even tell the water company, they are not allowed to talk to me as i am not the executor, I talked to them for the last years and years but not allowed.

I am not wanting money, there isn’t loads of money, I am trying to communicate and talk to people and tell them about his death not allowed.

Isn’t life complicated, no idea what to do? who should be sorting out his affairs, the hospital, social services, both have said its nothing to do with them.

Who is his Next of kin? I am except that i am not, I have to legally prove it??

He wanted any remaining money to goto MIND, but although he left written instructions, no will means the bank won’t play ball.
If he had paid to make a will there would have been no money anyway, all the money would have gone to the solicitors firm.

You will probably need to refer this to a solicitor who will try to find relatives. Without a will, even estranged relatives count and will inherit. Only if there are no relatives at all anything he has passes to the Crown

Everyone should make a will. No exceptions

This sounds like one for the Heir Hunters, Fraser and Fraser.

In the meantime I suggest that you write a letter

"Dear zzz

Re: Mr. X … Road, Anywhere

Thank you for your letter. I regret to inform you that I have no idea who will be responsible for his estate.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, he has no will, no family, no next of kin.

All I can suggest is that you contact an heir hunting organisation, like Fraser and Fraser, featured on the TV programme, “Heir Hunters”.

Your sincerely,

May be worth reposting your query on the “Death, Funerals and Probate” section of the MSE forum:

This query seems to come up quite often and there seem to be some fairly knowledge people on there.