Carers Allowance

I have just read a headline on facebook re Carers Allowance.

I was very disappointed that there has been no increase despite everyone’s increasing responsibilities during Corona Crisis.

I notice that in early 2019 Carers UK wrote to the Secretary of State to ask for an increase to bring it in line with Scotland. Something like an extra £8 per week.

I take it this has been ignored as there has been no increase.

I think I speak for many carers that we are extremely unhappy and upset that we are being treated so badly by the government.

Carers UK Can I ask what the reply was from the Secretary of state please.?

Also have you Carers UK asked the government again during this crisis for extra money on carers allowance during the Corona Crisis and in general?

What will it take for anybody to listen to us. To go on strike simultaneously!

I am absolutely certain that during this crisis that there will be vulnerable people going without …not helped by the Governments inaction.

I dont think the government knows we even exist.

Carers were in crisis before Corona.

I notice that in early 2019 Carers UK wrote to the Secretary of State to ask for an increase to bring it in line with Scotland. Something like an extra £8 per week.

Fairer for Carers ?

Following the link provided by Michael will take you to CUK’s own page regarding this campaign :
Our campaigns | Carers UK

Don’t forget that only 1 in 9 / 10 actually claim CA … no senior citizen drawing the state pension can ( Overlapping benefit rule ).

Finances are just one of the topics noted on the QUESTIONS & ANSWERS thread … hopefully , CUK will respond before long.

Carers have been in crisis for … decades.

Thanks Bill for putting those links in.

The campaigning has been going on longer than I thought.

Not much hope then of anything changing?

Carers UK update please?

It’s 16 years since I went to the CUK AGM in London. In those days, we could propose our own motions.
Mine was to increase the CA to equal the minimum wage. It was passed almost unanimously, but caused great consternation with the “top table” and was promptly buried. We are 21st century slaves, in fact worse than ever before because the virus has led to the closure of many day services that we relied on. No one asked us if it was OK to care 24/7 for the foreseeable future!

Hello Cloudygal

This morning Carers UK has issued this statement in response to the new guidelines on Care Act easements.

I realise that this doesn’t directly answer your question on Carer’s Allowance and I will ask our policy team for an update on this.

Best Wishes


Said Carers UK response now posted in full , in the main CORONAVIRUS BILL / ACT thread … currently in the CAMPAIGNS section.

Enjoy the new Government concession on Carers Allowance :


Thank you.

Hi Cloudygal

I’ll let you know if there is any further update on Carer’s Allowance but for now our latest statement on this (as Bill has linked to in another thread above) is on this page of our website.


Thank you for posting that Michael.

I saw that yesterday

After the Corona Crisis is over I will be unable to continue caring on the £1 per hour carers allowance I currently get.

Need to get this increased to the living wage for all carers.