Nightmare local authority hassling me to a meeting

I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing in emails to the local authority for many months is the latest insistence them running rings round me, controlling, dictating, manipulating basically micro-managing me like there’s no tomorrow.

The person who has been assigned as a latest useless bureauracratic twit, has been emailing me ‘inviting’ me to a meeting. Emails they send me are far from productive, constructive or inspiring. Which is the norm of them having their own agenda in protecting the current useless care agency, which is what their track record has been in the past.

I have emailed this person in making very clear to them all the above, including how much I am placed under even more stresses and pressures when I need my energy and focus caring for my Mother.

All professionals insist on bureaucratic bias, professional bias, cultural bias and a total brick wall of opposition, when they should be adhering to the Nolan Principles aka 7 Principles of Public Office and protecting our human rights: especially Human Rights Act 8: Right to Family Involvement and Right to Property (when the carers have destroyed, damaged and very recently thrown out my Mother’s belongings when that is not what they are in my Mum’s house for) and the Equalities Act 10: Discrimination under any Circumstances - I have mentioned to them throughout emails of how I have been prevented being involved in my Mum’s care; their attitude is of total ignorance and indifference as they are more focused gaslighting me, scapegoating me making me out to be the problem in political mind-games. Where do such people get off abusing their power and position as well as our faith, trust and confidence?

I have tried contacting the CQC again very recently who are not interested. I am still trying to find legal assistance which I have done non-stop since 2012; easier finding a needle in a haystack.

Any ideas how to deal with such a pathetic disgusting local authority, when they have no inclination resolving anything but persist running rings round me?

I think the first thing would be to contact the CUK Helpline: best to do it by email, I think - - and lay out the basic situation as factually as you can.

The only other thing I can think of is ask for an independent advocate.

Advocacy in the past have always sided with those causing problems, as they are commissioned by them.

I have asked for help from countless independent social workers over the years, non interested. Even the one who carried out the Mental Capacity Assessment, only did that and refused to help further as they know how difficult the system is.

Just over the weekend I phoned another independent social worker, whose response was that they claimed not to have the necessary ‘clout’ to deal with what’s needed; even when I stressed the importance of them having the expertise would work together with my experiences; still they didn’t want to know and wasted over an hour of my time proving incapability/disinterest of what I went into great detail of the struggles I’m having that has gone on since 2012.

Couldn’t make it up.

The only thing I can suggest is go to their meeting, but take a friend and/or request a recording of the meeting rather than minutes.

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Not as simple as going to the meeting, why should I when the track record of the local authority has been destructive to please themselves?

All they are interested in is manipulating, controlling and twisting what I say, has gone on for years; and why the situation persists to this day.

This person who invites me to the meeting, fails to provide any helpful responses via email, which only demonstrates their brick wall of bureaucratic non-sense which is what has been going on since 2012 when my Mum needed care.