NHS scam beware

A heads up.
Answered my landline today, unusual for me, if I don’t recognize the number. Supposedly checking to see if I had both injections done. For our records to be updated. Told them I had. Did I have side effects, told them what, and so it went on.Then,for our records, do you have life insurance!! Am sure the NHS are not interested in the public’s life insurance policies etc. Told him that was my business and called him an evil scammer.
It’s worrying, as some vulnerable people my be conned into giving out details for a non existent company.


The number of scams about is so worrying.

How annoying and yes I’m sure people will get sucked in. Have you reported it?


No Melly
Haven’t reported it. Who would I report it too?


I have only ever reported online scam texts and emails, so had to google.

You can report any attempt to steal your money or personal information to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or report it online . Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud crime reporting centre.

How to report a scam - Which? > https://www.which.co.uk > › Scams › Reporting scams


There are so many scams about …… you need to be on the ball all the time!

I was selling something on Gumtree last week and somebody messaged me to say they wanted to buy it and pay by Paypal and send a courier to collect. Initially I was pleased then it dawned on me that he had asked no questions whatsoever about the item. I got suspicious and googled it and the advice was to ignore. It is safe to use on Ebay but not on Gumtree as you have no protection.

I think we just need to stop and take a breathe before making any decisions. I am signed up to the local neighbour hood watch. And am keep informed on all circulating scams.

There are a lot of scammers in fact. If someone introduces themselves as a government entity, then the government should have centralized access to vaccine lists. After all, vaccination is not carried out to the first person who comes across, but strictly according to the list.

This is a typical opening ploy used by scammers. They try to make themselves sound official but using plausible sounding key words. “You may have heard that the NHS recommends . . .” “I expect you are aware that the Government is offering grants for . . .” That sort of thing.

Take care not to get sucked in.

My late Mum got taken in once by a woman who rang and asked various questions about her health and mobility and mentioned “healthcare”. As Mum had literally just come out of hospital after having a new knee she was not suspicious as she had been getting calls from the surgery, the OT and the Physio.

Turned out the woman then talked her into having a rep call round with wonderful beds. I think Mum thought they were free from the hospital! I sorted it in the end and stopped him coming round and gave them a right ear bashing but had she not had me I am pretty sure she would have lost a lot of money!