Hi I’m new to forum, I’m a 58yr old man caring for his wife with RA and Lung condition, I was working full time and caring up until a few weeks ago when my heath crashed, GP said doing both rolls have left me exhausted.
Now I’m diagnosed with depression and anxiety,
I have sick pay for a while but really need to become a full time carer as I’m worried if I return to work I will end up back in the same state.
Is there one number you can call and get advice on the transition, work out the money side?

Checkout our main website :slight_smile:
The first link below is to our Adviceline - you can ring or email them. They can give advice and do a benefits check for you.

The second link is to our “Upfront” guide for those new to caring

The third is a link to various benefits that you and the person you care maybe eligible for