I’m Allie, I care for my 25 year old daughter with severe MH issues, currently in crisis, and youngest 2 children, 11 and 13, with varying additional needs. I’m permanently exhausted and feeling really lonely tbh…

Hi Allie, welcome to the forum.
Are Social Services giving help with the children?
Benefits sorted?
Aware of the Family Fund?

Hello and welcome!

Have to be quick but have you ever heard of the family fund? They can help you.

Hey Allie

Sorry to hear about your situation and that you are feeling lonely. Is your daughter getting professional help with her MH problems? Do you manage to get any time for yourself?

I care for my Mum, and until last year my Dad. Mum has Alzheimer’s. I also have a young family. Work part time and have mad dog!

Welcome to the forum!

Hi guys, thanks for your replies :blush:

Social services - no
Benefits - no
Family fund - I’ve heard of it.

4 of my 5 kids have ongoing medical/SEN appointments. Juggling them with working part time and the usual domestic stuff is such a challenge. I often feel like I don’t know where to start: which form, for which child, should I attempt to fill in first?!

I’m currently summoning up the energy and courage to, amongst other things,

  • ‘fight’ my ASC sons school for an EHCP for him - where do I start?!
  • waiting to receive latest assessment report for youngest daughter’s SEN to decide what to do next
  • decide whether to push for my eldest daughter to be admitted to a psych ward. Not sure I can keep her safe any more but she doesn’t want to go…it’s that thin line between her being safe and not…she’s getting professional help but it’s so under resourced that I frequently need to ring them and chase things up. I know to them she’s just another patient, another set of boxes to tick. Sigh.

I can relate. I care for my little brother with open defect spina bifida. Hence I have attended a lot of appointments with him. I have also contested decisions on his behalf for the maximum rate of the mobility component of the DLA as well which was definitely tiring to say the least.

Sort out the disability benefits then you don’t need to work any more.