I’m Julie 53 years old married with four children, my oldest son has asperges ,my daughter has autism and severe learning difficulties. My husband has copd and p.t.s.t ,night terrors,anxiety.I have anxiety and panic attacks and ibs ,i dont get a break trying to get help from my social worker but they dont hurry themselves.My daughter is 28 but only has the mental age of a 8 year old she is very hard to look after,my son has his own place but struggles he has a social worker,i dont have a live i dont work im at home its hard but i love my family and wouldn’t change them .

Welcome to the forum.
My son has SLD, now 42, he has a lot of support.
What help are your children getting?
Does your daughter go to day services?
It would help you if she could move out, somewhere local, so that others help caring for her, and you know she is in safe hands.
Social workers need constantly chasing. It’s exhausting.