Hi I’m new to this site , wanting to try and get some advice on air flow mattresses , my 82 yr old mum suffers from arthritis during a current stay in hospital she slept on a Talley Quattro plus mattress she told me best nights sleep she’s had in years looking to purchase a mattress any suggestions on the best , looked into price of a Talley one £1,350 , was looking for a bit of a cheaper option but good one look forward to any replies

This is a good source of information on air mattresses The Best Mattresses of 2022 - Our Top Rated Picks | Tuck Sleep. I have used them in the past. My cared for person uses one that is specifically designed for those with physical impairments. He sleeps on a adjustable bed. Hope this is useful!

Ask your GP or Social Services to loan you one instead, then it won’t cost anything and you will get a qualified person to set it up for mum’s weight, or it will be the worst night’s sleep!