Airflow mattress

hello everyone in carerland .my mum has just got a talley airflow mattress ,just wanted to ask if i can turn it off when not in use ?jane .

Hi Jane
It is probably best to check with OT or district nurse. I remember they are pretty noisy but eventually you get used to it. If the person they are for is likely to want to rest during the day it is probably best they are left on. It also removes the liklihood of forgetting to turn it on again before bed time. :unamused:


Mum had such an airmattress and we left it on all the time. That way it was always ready if mum wanted to use it. I don’t think it used much power and it was reasonably quiet, and comfortable too.

Make sure you know the service phone number to call before you need to use it!

My mum found the one the hospital provided her with very uncomfortable. Turned out that the pressure should be adjusted for the weight of the person concerned, when it is installed. The District Nurse can do this.

Yes, BB, I think the district nurses checked it for mum.


When mum’s was delivered it was dumped in the hall for “someone” to install. That’s what happens when you live in one county but the nearest hospital is in another! Mum thought I could do it, but I wouldn’t. Took ages to get the DN to come, and then she found it was the wrong size anyhow!!