New hospital bed at home making mum sweat

This is my first post.
My mum suffers with several conditions but her most challenging are her Parkinsonism which affects her Mobility and her incontinence
After a recent hospital stay due to cellulitis she is slowly getting back to get normal. The OT has arranged for her to get a hospital bed as she was sleeping in her recliner chair due to struggling to get in her bed since breaking her hip 18 months ago.
The bed is great as she’s sleeping well and her legs are less swollen but she is suffering as the the bed mattress is making her sweat.
Can anybody recommend anything to help?
As she is very incontinent I don’t want to buy a sheepskin mattress topper for example as there will always be a big risk of her wetting it.
Thanks in advance

You can get waterproof mattress protectors that have a thinly padded top cotton layer (non-rustle plastic underneath). We had them for Mum (I think they were made by SilentNight) - they were comfortable to lay on and easily washed. We had 3 so one on the bed, one in the wash and a spare.

They’re easily available from Argos, Amazon and Dunelm.

Thanks Susie, she had those on her old double bed, i forgot they would add a cotton layer to the rubber mattress in the hospital bed, I’ll give it a go.

I had those for my husband when he first came home from hospital - they were a godsend!