Hi there, I am new here so just introducing myself.

I have been a carer my whole life for my parents and used to go to a young carers group as a child but I stopped going when I got into my teens because I figured I was mature enough to handle it myself - I was wrong.

Over the years I have seen them both deteriorate quite rapidly and recently it has all gotten on top of me. I am not a full time carer but have always made sure I am available when needed no matter what but I have recently started a full time job and finding it difficult to have time to do everything I need to, see them and get enough sleep as I dont live in the same city. (about 40 mins by train)

I guess Ive just realised how much I am struggling watching them deteriorate and how helpless I feel. I guess others know that feeling too.

Thanks for reading

Hi Elizabeth,

welcome to the forum. I’m no longer a young carer (but did start caring when I was in my early 30s.)

No wonder you are feeling tearful - you have too much to cope with alongside a full time job and have been caring for a long time. You sound like you are experiencing, “carer burnout.”

Have you considered counselling, to give you the chance to talk things through and work out a way forward? Your GP or local Carer’s centre should be able to help with this.

Perhaps it’s time to secure more outside support for your parents and take a back step from caring, so that you can (just) be their daughter and not their carer too.