Newbie here!

Hi all, I am new to this forum, never considered myself a carer. My husband is 44 and has had ADHD all his life but was only recently diagnosed after a 4 year wait. Any help and advice much appreciated. It’s been harder since the diagnosis as they are trying to sort his meds, some have made him worse, is this normal?

Some people take to meds, others don’t or take a while to and somethings need a trial of various meds or dosages to get the right one. I don’t know about ADHD meds but I know of someone who has a bad time with meds.

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Hi Gail, and welcome!

It’s always worth checking the side effects info on any medications. For example,some people react in the opposite way with certain meds: I remember years ago when our youngest, who has autism, was teething. We gave him whatever it was that the GP prescribed (long time ago), which was supposed to help him sleep…he didn’t sleep for two days until we realised what was going on and until the stuff got out of his system.

That was fun.

Think he got it from my Mum, who was given Dihydrocodeine to deal with her very severe arthritis pain: about an hour after taking it she was giggly drunk, wanting to dance on the table at the restaurant we were at. She was in bed all the next day with a colossal migraine. Or hangover. Never took them again.

Sometimes the side effects don’t last for long, others are more of a problem. If you have anything go sideways with a particular drug, always talk to your GP.