Hey guys,
I have just joined this forum despite not being an actual carer myself (!). However, the admiration and respect I have held, and hold, for carers is greater than any other group/person/belief in my life; from the moment I learned of these background, real life hero’s, in what must’ve been primary school, I immediately felt a strong sense of compassion and empathy towards them. Finding and knowing friends that also took roles of unpaid careers, gave me a pedestal to place each and every carer on. As in my view, the character and resilience shown by these people, are credentials which leaders globally and of our country should reflect: devotion, unselfishness, care for ones own. We all know this isn’t the case… but I patiently wait for the day carers are respected as much as they damn deserve in this society/country. I have also written a poem for this charity/forum.


Before they speak,
I maintain all that gains sane:
Unbagged eyelids and moisturised skin,
Refreshed breath, with expression akin
To those trouble-free -
Reminding me, that the auxiliary
Welcome to all,
Is glee.

Before they see,
I sustain the zone where, cleanliness,
Can often be an effort to bemoan, so
Sometimes I loan, my picture of the home,
Our imaginations tingling at unforeseeable futures; overly optimistic
Conservative dreams,
For I wish I was freer than “free” seems.

Before they wake,
I find their favoured, patterned plate, that presents
Tasteless cuisine,
Dosing and doting food that
Demonises the colonisers, cultural foods;
I’ve heard what you eat, links closely
To one’s moods, though

Time is not a given,
I must not sit and brood.

Hi Ryan, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing the poem!