The Poetry of Caring- poems written by carers

Cornflower Blue

Those cornflowers,
a longed for blue.
I scrub in scrubby back yard, filthy grim grime.

Come back,
Come back to me free child without misery.
Re- find, re-kindle the you that I remember, cheeky and playful.
I find bits of hope and patience in the longed for cornflower blue.



@Ula, sending ((((hugs)))

I so want the same for S too. To be less anxious, able to relax, free from IBS and stress. Back to laughing and happy most of the time and excited about life.



I am moved by your words x

Dearest all
Please add any poems you have created, that you care to share, to this thread, all of your poems welcomed.

Give my love a moments rest

To feel restored, to be at best

There’s no one that can give me more

The love

The joy, the rest & shore

(Carer Mentor TM)


Carers steal time from the blacks of illness and pull impossible feats

We spread our wings to shelter or cut down to release

We fly close to the sun or plunge deep down into the fog

Carers hold the basic standard flag, and are there to claim for more

We’re the first and last defence and pioneer of health needs

We’re the true source of care but totally unseen.

(Carer Mentor TM)


So great, powerful and true, your and my lived experience. Thank you :pray:

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Wonderful Ula :clap::heart:, this is a beautiful poem - well done.


This poem i have just written : “UNPAID CARER”.

What a supposition ,
To think that anyone would apply for such a position?
And, apply we did not ,
We fell in head first,
Blindfolds in place,
And, when we had courage to remove them…this , our new space.

The need employed us,
Swallowed us whole,
And, spat us out as carers,
Little stars, with hearts of gold.

Beginning as amateurs…fast tracked to professional,
Promoted with speed,
And all beacause of the need.

And…the reason for the daily - do,
the give, give, give
the 100% compassion, commitment, and dogged persistence ,
this time in my life set apart,

Is the love for you, that i have in my heart.


How wonderful.
Your poem made me smile, laugh and cry.
I loved it.
Warmly Ula


:blue_heart:, thankyou ula .
So happy about this thread , bacause i started writing poetry this summer, and its changed my life


Some carers centres have run poetry projects. In my area there’s a “poetry pharmacy” that uses existing poetry as well as carers’ own work. And there’s this: Carers Poetry - it’s open to all carers, everywhere.


Thanks Charles
What wonderful projects.


Dust blows throughout and settles,
feeling choked, all surfaces layered thick,
stairways and shaded shadowed rooms.

Money worries,
Health worries,
House worries,
Layers of worry

Can I be like dust;
holding lightly,
moving freely,
sparkling when the curtain is drawn.



Beautiful @Ula - your spirit and the poem!

Thanks dear Victoria,
It is surprisingly edgy- the feeling of posting a poem.

Well done :clap: Ula …captures the heaviness we often feel , and tge lightness we desire so very pefectly :slight_smile:
Love it

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Kind friendship
Manny thanks :pray:

The Warp and Weft of Life

Lifelines of time hold my values tight
creating structure and form on which experience and connections weave
the intricacies and details of exchanges and speech.

The warp rigid in length and aligned in parallel
regimented to a frame of reference.
The weft uncertain, slightly adrift, wondering how fast slow tight and what amount of control
and is it meant to follow a pattern and line
or can it push and flex and take it’s time

Our warp and weft evolves with time
but we continue to weave to our own sweet lifeline

We see a fragment of the picture that’s ours alone
wonder, marvel that it could possibly be our own
the fullest picture is hard to discern
as warp and weft speeds on, with each & every turn

We weave as values and experiences change their form
reasserting what we could call our norm
through events and times as society changes
who can’t predict what will come to pass
of the future based on the warp and weft of past

The only thing, I’d like to say
Is that’s I’ve had a tapestry of life
that’s been MY joy and LOVE to cast.


Beautiful you Victoria