Just registered for this site. I didn’t and don’t always consider myself as a carer, although I do lots for my partner who has memory and mood problems since his head injury. He manages quite well most days so I maybe a fraud in asking for support occasionally. I know some of you if not most of you are a lot lot more’hands on’.

I can’t often talk to people who understand about my role and thought it might help me and then help my partner if I’m feeling a bit better about all of it.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:



A lot of us didn’t realise we were carers at first. I never thought of myself as a carer (just S’s Mum) until I went to the see the GP who diagnosed me with TAT (tired-all-the-time) and said it was because I was a carer as well as a Mum and I needed to seek support.


Hi Yorkshire Lass,

Fellow Yorkshire person here and I too know how hard it can be. When I try to talk to friends or colleagues, they just seem to dismiss it and think I am a whinge bag. I come on here often to have a vent and I have come across some lovely people online who are always able to give advice or just let me have a rant.

Hope you are OK.

Hi Yorkshire Lass

I’m a newbie too. I also live in Yorkshire but I come from Berkshire. Long story lol.

I care for my 97 year old mum full time and her needs have dramatically escalated since a fall in February this year. I’m lucky my son lives here too so I have some help, but as mum doesn’t sleep at night it’s all a bit 24/7 now.

This seems a good place to talk and share experiences/advice. All the best and will see you around on the forum.