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Hi all,
I’ve been caring for my wife with her chronic and undiagnosed back pain and the mental health issues that come along with it for 2-3 years now, but only very recently realised that was what I was doing. It’s really helped me to see that as my role, and I’m starting to work out what support I might need to continue as the lighthouse in our family’s storms, and keeping our 6YO afloat too. It’d be great to connect with fellow carers, to hear your stories, to vent and listen to your vents, and be here for each other, and learn what it is I need and want from you all.


Hi Rob,
My mum had back problems for many years, the real problem was diagnosed very late.
Has your wife had a scan, to work out what is going on?

Hi Rob

Welcome to the forum.

Hello Rob, welcome to the forum

You’ve come to the right place to connect with other carers who understand your situation.

We run a weekly online meet up for carers to chat informally and take a little bit of time for themselves over a cup of tea. There’s no pressure to share anything you don’t want to. You’d be very welcome to join us, sign up details are here:

You might also find it helpful to have a look through our advice and information pages and make sure you’re getting all the help and support you can:

Best wishes


Hi all, thanks for the replies. Nice to feel seen!
One scan done privately, but no-one seems to want to look it. That’s another story.

Meet ups sound like a great idea - I’ll click and investigate!