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Hi I’m donna I’ve been a carer since 2017 for my husband david who has had alot of problems with his lleft knee key hole surgery and he caught a staff infection in his leg after operation now hes is in pain all the time and depressed as he cànt do anything for our son always in bed I’m going through it alone and my health issues are not doing to good just need help with alot of issues going on our lifes from health to money debt ect :-???

Hi Donna, welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about your husband’s knee issues. I’ve had two knee replacements, after they were damaged in a car accident, fine now.

How old is your husband? He needs to be trying to move as much as possible.
Does he have a comfortable reclining chair?
Is he claiming PIP or Attendance Allowance?

There is help for everyone. There always solutions to problems. It’s just finding the right help.
We can signpost to the right organisations who I’m sure can help.
Just give us a few more details.

Step change can help with debts etc.