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Is there any carers out there that look after anyone that they love who suffers from BPD my daughter suffers from this terrible illness I try my best to look after her but nothing I do is enough in her eyes she belittles me on a daily basis and emotionally abuses me and loves me the next day is if she can’t remember how bad she treated me the day before I don’t know how much more I can take of his treatment from her she won’t take any help from counsellors she sees me as her counsellor doctor her everything I love her a lot but she is wearing me down And I know it’s BPD but it’s still affecting me as I have depression myself

Hey Christine

I am a mum to a 20 year old schizophrenic, so not quite the same, but I think I do have a bit of insight. Daily living with someone who needs you but can also be horrible to you is really draining. What support does your daughter get? And have you looked into any support you can get? in our area, we have a monthly meeting of MH carers, where we just get together and have coffee and get stuff off our chests, and we can also swap ideas about strategies to cope, or intervention/therapy courses that have helped our loved ones. Do you know where to look for this kind of help?