New to Carers UK - Australian

Hi, I from Australia and have 3 sons, a 15 year old singleton (the eldest) and identical twins (12 years). One on my twins has autism and is non-verbal. Recently my cousin, who is an obstetrician, told me about the most wonderful podcast, presented by two mums (from Melbourne). Both mums have twins (& singletons as well) & both sets of twins have special needs. I can honestly say listening to these beautiful women has been one of the best things to happen since my twins were born. Having a child with a disability completely turns your life upside down and it is never the same again. Listening to this podcast is amazing, finally I have found others that get my life and understand. I no longer feel so isolated and unseen. While many of the topics they discuss can leave you in tears, they will also have you laughing out loud. It is not just for twin mums, people without kids, health and childcare workers, friends & family of people who have children with a disability, siblings of people with a disability, young people - it has something for everyone. You can’t listen to these two women and not come away a more caring, thoughtful and kinder person. Liz

Hi Liz, Welcome to the forum. Did you know that there’s a special section of the forum devoted to those caring for people with autism?