Very hard times but also very rewarding times

Hi,I am new to the forum so let me tell you about my family,I am a single mum with a 16 year old disabled and autistic prince I also have a 11 year old girl who I raised alone ,I can tell you I have cried myself to sleep many times but I have also have had many many proud moments, my son was born prematurely and new about his disabilities the minute he couldn’t stand properly and would just lie on the floor and wouldn’t move ,he has had many leg casts and operations without much success but he is a trooper and copes with it all ,his autism has been as much as a fight through school and different consultants, I have pushed to my last breath to get him the help and right school care and will continue to fight his corner, at primary school wasn’t a good experience and by the time he started secondary school he could hardly read or write, many meetings and many phone calls to school and he was set a good key plan of care and education, I could write for days on this but bottom line he is now in college and doing above all expectations and studying to be a account witch he already has to work placements in ,PROUD DOESN’T EVEN COVER IT,he has learnt me so so much ,I am a better person because of him,I have stayed single because its easier and my full attention has been on my kids,we have holidays together, we go out for meals together and it’s hard when he has bad episodes but I don’t care about people starting, let them because its ours lifes and I will not shut my family away because of people who don’t understand!! Hope my small story is a insite of my life and many others like ours.

Welcome to the forums! It is hard. Right now my almost 3 year old son is in hospital being treated for a severe UTI. My husband has had to stay with and advocate for him while I looked after his twin sister Laurel and worked. I stayed with him on Wednesday night however.
So far, Logan has had two surgical procedures since birth, one on his back when he was a newborn, another on his feet as he was born with bilateral clubbed feet and one scheduled to happen to treat his congenital bladder/bowel problems in October. He is a full time wheelchair user and also wears HKAFOs to stand upright at home. He has seen a few doctors too. He takes medication as well.
Logan is almost three now and doing better than we expected. He enjoys keeping us on our toes constantly! So does his twin sister his playmate. He loves art and reading. I tend to smile at people who stare now. It used to hurt me because who stares at a baby? But after some time I toughened up.