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Hi everyone,

Not sure if I’m posting in the right place but here goes…

My name is Debra & I am a new member.

I am a single parent of 2 children. My 22 yr old son ( still living at home & fresh out of university) was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 7 yrs old and I have a 36 year old daughter ( like me, a suspected Aspie but undiagnosed), who has 5 children, the oldest & youngest both with asd diagnosis. I am currently in a relationship (although not living together) of 2 & a half years with a partner in the very early stages of trying to get an asd/aspergers diagnosis, which seems to have stalled completely unfortunately.

Am hoping to hear from. others who may be in a similar situation, to share advice & support…I’m finding life exhausting at the moment, partly probably due to my own health issues and the isolation.

Sorry for the long winded post… :smirk:

Hi Debra,

welcome to the forum.

Wow, you have a lot to deal with supporting everyone with autism as well as meeting your own needs. Some carers on here do have autism and some are caring for someone with autism (my self included.) However, you situation sounds unique but we will do our best to offer support.

I’m sure you have heard of the National Autistic Society, but just in case, here is a link