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After 6 months in hospital my husband has been discharged from hospital supposedly able to walk confidently with a frame and deal with his stoma. Both of which he is not. It’s been a long week and he is definitely going downhill. It’s an uphill battle to get him to drink and this is causing confusion and although funny at times it’s worrying that he believes these what I call fantasies. Does anyone know how I go about approaching the nhs to have him readmitted. We have carers for the interim 6 weeks which will be a blessing when I have to return to my job in the new year but I think he’s just not well enough to have been discharged he also has a deep open wound that needs dressing every 2 days. Any ideas would be most welcome

Hi Jo … seasons greetings … welcome to the canteen.

All the hallmarks of an unsafe hospital discharge.

First step … a link to the BIBLE on hospital discharges :

Being discharged from hospital - NHS

A guide for ALL … all NHS staff and patients.

Where did all go wrong ?

Have a read … identify what did not happen … and then return to us for guidance.

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Hospitals like to empty as many beds as possible before Christmas, to give them an easy life. My parents and in laws all had this happen to them, long story.
Has your own GP seen him yet? Maybe ring the out of hours service.
How old is your husband?
Why did he need the surgery?
Did they discuss his needs before he left hospital?
Crucially, did they do an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment for him. (Google this).
Is the District Nurse dealing with the wound dressings?

Early doors but … CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Main thread :

Not an easy read but … essential.

Considered ?

Offered ?

Applied for but rejected ?

Even mentioned ?