Appointeeship and LPA - how to manage?

Hello, I’m so glad to have found this forum and hope maybe someone has navigated a path I am struggling with…

Due to health and other issues I am probably not able to continue to assist one of my relatives with Benefits management. Looking into having a local authority be the appointee but I currently have power of attorney and the DWP demands that an appointee be the only person with Legal governance over the dependent’s financial affairs. But… if I give up power of attorney to allow the local authority to be appointee then help is only there for the benefits part of my relative’s life - what about other financial management? I feel there will be a gap if I give up power of attorney but need someone to step in for the benefits management. Legally both can exist but it seems the DWP insists on making it exclusive. I am between a rock and a hard place.
Any suggestions? Thank you in advance - would love to hear from someone in this forum. Thank you!

Hi - I’m not an expert of this but have you read the power of attorney document itself to see if it entitles you to appoint a substitute attorney, or in fact what it says about the situation where you stop acting? I thought about this when I did one for myself recently and I appointed a friend plus a solicitor, but it’s bound to vary from case to case.

Google “Carer Card” scheme. My LA have just recommended it for my son with LD. My son doesn’t live with me, support workers are supposed to help him budget, but they are useless.

Hi - thanks for this suggestion. I do need to read carefully what it means to give up the power of attorney. I believe it says there can be multiple co-existing - the real challenge is that the DWP form insists that the appointee be the only one with legal authority over someone’s affairs so they are forcing folks to give up LPA if another appointeeship is made… If they didn’t have that question on their form, all would be well!

Thanks - am going to look into it!

The Carer Card scheme might be better for you then.