New on this forum, hello

Hello all,

I’m new to this forum, just trying out a new post to see if it works
whole story will follow :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum. I have a 44 year old son, brain damaged at birth. Constant battles with Social Services.

Hi Patrick,

welcome to the forum. I hope you find the forum welcoming and supportive.

Hi Patrick - Welcome aboard!

Am 62 caring for my husband (67) after he suffered a stroke 18 months ago… Since then multiple health issues have beset him.

Welcome, this group has helped me
It’s a great force for good

thanks all! for the welcome. I’ve posted more fully on the thread ‘homelessness, deparate’


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Hello and welcome

I am caring for my 84 year old husband and am 61. This Forum is a total lifesaver and members totally understand the issues other carers face.

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Welcome to the forum Patrick
I’m an ex carer. My late husband suffered strokes, vascular dementia and other health issues. He eventually lived in a nursing home. My family and myself visited most days. Much missed
I hope you will find some comfort from the forum. I certainly did and lots of support

Hi Patrick

Welcome to the Forum!

I’m looking after my mother who was diagnosed with 2 different cancers end of 2019 - surgery, chemo, radiotherapy …and now controlled. This is a slightly more sedate rollercoaster compared to helping her look after my Dad from 2015 onwards. He had vascular dementia, congestive heart failure, rheumatoid, cancer & other conditions until he passed in early 2020. I resigned from work in 2017 and set up my own business.

I went to the Carers UK conference in 2018 and since then been on/off the forum. It’s always reassuring to connect with other people who ‘get it’. Sending some virtual empathy and strength over to you!

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HI Patrick welcome to the forum!

Welcome to Carers Connect Patrick!

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