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I care for my husband, who had a severe stroke almost nine years ago. Only recently became aware of this forum and feel it would be good to chat to others in a similar situation. I am 68; he is 72

Hi Anne and welcome,

there are other who are / have been in the same situation as you, hopefully they will be along shortly.

You might like to post on Roll Call - this is like a chat over the garden fence - not as busy as it used to be, so new contributors are very welcome

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Hi Anne, welcome to the forum.
Have you been told about Attendance Allowance and Council Tax Exemption?
Are you getting all the support you need from Social Services?

Hello Anne & welcome to the forum

I would guess you could also help others in a similar position. You must have gain loads of knowledge and experience looking after your husband.

Sunnydisposition - she is already responding to others :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: