New on here and in need of advice

Can DWP take money from my wifes PIP and ESA to recover housing and council tax debt?

Good question , John … and … welcome to the forum.

DWP normally only have the power the recover overpayments of benefits / allowances paid.

Housing … housing benefit ?

Council tax … down to the LA to persue.

Any Court Orders ( Attachment of Earnings for instance ) in the background ?

A little more and we MIGHT be able to provide a definitive answer … although , my gut reaction is to bounce
this one off either the CAB or the Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) … links to both follow :

Citizens Advice

Definately DEBTS … as opposed to OVERPAYMENTS ???

If the latter , would explain the DWP’s interest !

Not sure about that, never had that question before, that I can recall.
DWP pay out the benefits, council tax and housing benefit are administered by the local council.

My son has severe learning difficulties, lives in a flat alone.
He gets Housing benefit which is paid directly to the landlord, as he is classed as a “vulnerable adult”.

Can you tell us the age of the person concerned, and the nature of his/her disability?
What benefits are currently being claimed?

There might be other issues that could help the person get more money or pay less!

Its my wife who has the disability. She is in her early 50’s. She spent 7 months in hospital and has had most of her small bowel removed. She has a stoma and has to be hooked up to a machine to feed her for 12 hours per day.
Most of the debts we have are overpayments and i am about to give up work to become her full time carer.
She receives PIP and ESA.

Thanks John… that explains the DWP’s interest.

CAB and / or CUK Advice Team … do not delay !

Both can also advise you on the benfits angle IF you were to give up work.

Thanx very much. Will get onto CUK now.

Your welcome and … good fortune.

Any problems ?

Let us know … there might be other areas we can assist with … especially IF giving up work is the only route !

For far too many carers , that is the only REAL option.

John, don’t give up work just yet!

Has anyone told you about NHS Continuing Healthcare?
All the care she needs free of charge from the NHS, but it’s a bit of a postcode lottery.
Your wife should have had an assessment in hospital before discharge.
Was a care plan agreed before discharge?
Does she have a hospital bed and everything she needs to keep her comfortable?

Tell us more about the “over payments”.
Did they occur because your wife was in hospital for such a long time?

Bad morning … missing that prompt ?

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … main thread :

The acknowledged number one obstacle course known in CarerLand.

DO NOT GIVE UP … that’s precisely what the System wants any applicant to do !