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Hi everyone, I’m Fiona and I have joined to ensure I’m receiving relevant information and also receiving all the benefits and reductions that are available. The person I care for has an incurable disease called Fibromyalgia and I ensure that they do not forget their appointments and I also support them in their daily lives.

Hi Fiona, welcome to the forum.
Carers UK has a confidential helpline to discuss benefits.
Have you asked Social Services for a Carers Assessment for you, and a Needs Assessment for your carer?
Do you live with your caree?

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I had two members of staff who had Fibromyalgia: we found that regular breaks helped, as well as having hot water bottles available to help manage the pain.

I found some hand warmers that can be activated by clicking a metal disc inside the warmer. The liquid inside would become solid, giving off heat for quite a while. They’re reusable: just boil them in water. So we cheated: if anyone needed one and they’d all been used, we’d boil one up and use it like that, then when it was cool, reactivate it. Two uses for the price of one. These hand warmers were particularly useful if there was more than one area flaring up. - just a thought that might help a little.