My husband has fibromyalgia

is there any help with this fibromyalgia in the place for people with this problem

Hi Jane

I used to work with a couple of people who had fibromyalgia, and I got advice from the local support group on how to help the staff manage it - they also joined the group. They seemed to get quite a lot from it, but as always it depends on the group and what they can offer.

Fibromyalgia UK has a website, but I’ve posted a link to the NHS site on it - at the bottom of the page it gives contact details for Fibromyalgia UK, but the page links to others that include information about other help. Fibromyalgia - NHS (

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My advice is to take it easy.

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Hi Jane,
I know a parent/carer with fibromyalgia, she attended a course at the local hospital about how to manage the condition (along with taking Amitriptyline that meant her body properly relaxed and she got a decent night’s sleep). She found the course really helpful. I don’t know if this is available everywhere though.